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Monday, November 01, 2004

WISPCON VI was held last week - October 27th-29th - in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a great show, and demonstrated the constant evolution of the WISP market. There were course during the show that covered a broad range of topics, and the Trade Show provided vendors with a place to show what they are up to.

One of the biggest things that I noticed at the show is that the sizes of WISPs continues to grow with more and more customers signing up for Wireless vs. DSL or Cable. There were numerous WISPs present that had 1000+ customers ... a sign of serious networking. And that led to the next thing that I noticed: WISPs are growing up and getting serious about business.

There have always been the larger serious players, however more and more of the smaller WISPs are now moving to new classes of wireless equipment, and adding new back-office capabilities. WISPs are getting serious about FCC certified equipment, and the quality of service they deliver to their customers. They are automating network management, billing, and customer service.

All of this is great news for WISP.Org ... as we continue to move forward to our December 1st roll out. We are looking to provide the broad range of business information and expertise to assist the growing WISP to better understand the market, and their options!

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